2018: a year of Positive Changes

2017 has come to an end,
Dashed expectations, failed dreams to regret;
2018 has welcomed us
With limitless possibilities,
Endless opportunities still abound.

I find that many of us subject ourselves to a defeatist mentality/mindset, I am definitely at the top of the list. This new year, we need to consciously screen passing thoughts so common, they play on auto-repeat: “I’m fat”, “I have the worst job ever”, “love shouldn’t hurt like this”, “I need a better source of income” “I suck at ….” Etc.

Stop complaining & take little actions to work towards improving all areas of your life. Cut your losses, quit that job, start that dream job, work on that entrepreneur idea, end that toxic/direction-less relationship, start an exercise program, throw out the junk food/check into rehab, ask for help if needed!

Sometimes, we sit around, waiting for motivation, inspiration, etc to find energy and strength we feel we need to change areas of our lives, take a leap of faith and move out of our comfort zone. I am beginning to discover of we sit around making excuses, we will wait forever. it! I read a quote saying “the height of foolishness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

We need to take that first step of making up our mind that things have got to change! And do something about

Remember: “A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step”.

Have a life changing 2018 my dearest readers, family and friends!

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