Overcoming Blogger’s Block

If only keeping my online “blog diary” was as easy as putting pen to paper. Am I just too old school for my generation? I have always been considered an old soul, still haven’t left my 20s…so I don’t know why I still prefer to make handwritten lists, essay drafts and diary entries the old analogue way haha.

There’s just something more tangible about sculpting my words with pen than pressing the screen keyboard. The feel of turning pages of the diary, sound of rustling of paper, eyes roaming over carefully sculpted words, my cursive writing curves and slant varying with the mood I was in while recording events or penning down thoughts and ideas…

Saw the cartoon above on Instagram and while I would love to say it immediately inspired me to turn on my WordPress app and start typing away at a new post… alas, still took me a week or two to plow through life’s crazy hectic-ness and just sit down to write…err type!

Continuing my CML story was more emotionally tasking than I could have imagined, so I always looked for excuses to do something else when I had sat down so many times with the intention of typing up a part 3 of my story.

One week of No new posts, turned into two weeks, turned into two months…

But alas…I have finally overcome my blogger’s block and for now, will just type from inspiration from my daily life.

How 2017 has flown by!