International Women’s Day *Reflections

The past few months have been a whirlwind, entering into trimester, the energy burst that came with 2nd trimester qhickly dwindled away as my little gymnast within is using up most of my energy for her growth squirt. I have started many write ups on both my digital and hard bound diaries but alas…

In light of International Women’s Day, my pregnancy experience has shown me how truly amazing we the female race are. From our biological make up, to this divine baby-making system within, to the sheer amount of willpower and physical strength we carry within us….even my husband has developed a more healthy respect for the strength (physical, mental, and emotional) I have displayed during the pregnancy. 

I have been reflecting how this period has been preparing me for motherhood, my own experiences of been raised by my awesome mom, and the contributions of several female mentors over the years in building me into the woman I am today and the woman I still aim om becoming.

Women and mothers display a whole level of sacrifice that men will never even begin to fathom. Raising and mentoring young lives requires so much physically, mentally, emotionally and time-wise. My mum left the comfort and familiarity of her Chinese heritage and motherland to follow my dad back to Africa, gave up her opthalmology career to raise us 3 children full time because of the circumstances, then followed my dad to different countries when he got promoted to “international staff”. Eventually my dad retired back to his country Nigeria and my mum took all the transitions with amazing adaptability like the amazing woman she is. Seeing her drive our gold 4WD on the roads, battling reckless okada (motorbike as public transport) drivers, queuing in petrol stations during our present fuel scarcity issues and so on in the blazing heat of this global warming-affected dry season:

I haven’t been able to brave the insane traffic myself behind the wheel, but adjusting back to life in this economy as a married woman after years spent in Europe, Canada and USA has been a challenge. With a baby on its way, I have been forced to navigate several local markets to get ready for our angel’s arrival, equip the house and nursery with furniture and items not possible with online shopping under the blazing hot sun. Every trip is an adventure with price haggling, shopkeepers who view me as a foreigner so try to give me much higher prices. I would like to think I have perfectly mastered the local accent, way of speaking English as well as phrases in Yoruba, main local language used in the town I live in to further blend in though my Asian heritage features still give me away sigh

I am yet to publish more of my experiences over the first and second trimesters, so for now, will end with the Instagram post of this morning which inspired me to come on Word Press and publish more lengthier reflections haha 😊😊

I’m grateful for being raised by a #StrongWoman, a mother who taught me the value of #SelfWorth, #Confidence in the fierce way her gentle nature loved & fought for her family. I thank God for all the great female mentors, aunties/mum/grandma figures in my life who I could look up to & look forward to having a successful marriage & home of my own. The legacy doesn’t stop with us, now with a little woman-to-be on the way, I pray God grants me the #grace, #wisdom, #love, #courage & #inspiration I need to raise her to be an amazing, fearless woman of faith too! Amen


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